In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency mining, the BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO emerges as a powerhouse, promising miners an impressive hashrate, efficient power consumption, and advanced cooling capabilities. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dissect the pros and cons of this cutting-edge mining rig, exploring its specifications, performance, and considerations for potential users.

Product Overview:

Hashrate: 60TH/s, -3%~+3% The BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO boasts a formidable hashrate of 60TH/s, providing miners with a robust and competitive edge in processing transactions on the blockchain. The slight variance of -3%~+3% ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Power Consumption: 3420W, -5%~+5%@Wall-Plug Efficiency meets power with a plug power consumption of 3420W. The -5%~+5% range at the wall-plug highlights the miner’s adaptability and precision in optimizing power usage for mining operations.

Power Efficiency: 57J/T, -5%~+8%@25°C The BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO strikes a balance between performance and energy conservation, boasting a power efficiency of 57J/T. The -5%~+8% efficiency range at 25°C ensures optimal mining performance in varying environmental conditions.

Cooling: 4 x 12038 FANs The inclusion of four 12038 fans enhances the cooling efficiency of the mining rig, ensuring that it maintains optimal temperatures during operation. Efficient cooling is vital for sustaining long-term mining performance and hardware longevity.

Operating Temperature: -5°C~30°C The miner’s operating temperature range of -5°C~30°C adds versatility, allowing it to function effectively in various environmental conditions. This flexibility ensures that miners can operate the Avalon 1126 PRO in diverse locations.

Noise: 75dB(Max) The miner’s noise level is measured at a maximum of 75dB, which is a critical consideration for miners conscious of the noise impact on their mining environment. This information is particularly relevant for those setting up mining rigs in residential or shared spaces. Even when not it shared spaces, there is a certain irritation to a loud sound all day and all night.

Dimensions and Weight: The compact design of the BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO is reflected in its net dimensions of (L)331mm x (W)195mm x (H)292mm and a net weight of 11.2kg. The gross dimensions, including packaging, are (L)420mm x (W)290mm x (H)395mm, with a gross weight of 12.5kg.

High Hashrate for Competitive Mining: The 60TH/s hashrate positions the BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO as a formidable contender for efficient and productive cryptocurrency mining, providing miners with a competitive edge.

Optimized Power Consumption and Efficiency: With a power consumption of 3420W and a power efficiency of 57J/T, the BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO strikes a balance between performance and energy conservation, contributing to cost-effective mining operations.

Advanced Cooling System: The inclusion of four 12038 fans enhances the cooling efficiency, ensuring the miner maintains optimal temperatures during operation, promoting hardware longevity and sustained performance.

Versatile Operating Conditions: The miner’s operating temperature range of -5°C~30°C adds versatility, allowing miners to deploy the BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO in various environmental conditions.

Noise Level: The maximum noise level of 75dB may be a concern for miners seeking a quieter operational environment, especially in residential or shared spaces.

Specific Operating Conditions: The miner’s optimal operating conditions possibly limit its suitability for certain climates or environments that sit outside the specified temperature range. (-5°C~30°C )

The BTC Miner Avalon 1126 PRO stands as a formidable option for cryptocurrency miners seeking power, efficiency, and cutting-edge cooling capabilities. Its high hashrate and optimized power consumption make it a compelling choice for those aiming to stay competitive in the dynamic mining landscape. However, potential users should carefully consider the noise level and specific operating conditions to ensure the Avalon 1126 PRO aligns with their mining preferences and environment. As with any mining hardware, the key to unlocking its full potential lies in a thorough understanding of its specifications and how they align with your mining goals.

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